Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Anyone?

Ok... so we've had the pumpkins for a couple of weeks now. We we were lucky to have actually gotten them carved before Halloween arrived. After a nice family dinner Dad, not wanting anything to do with the festivities, disappeared in the basement to watch tv while mom, Julia and Steph carefully picked out our patterns and began the disgustingly fun task of gutting, tracing and carving our pumpkins.

Stephi picked the easiest pattern (hers is pictured in the middle) and was done in no time... Mom (right pumpkin) and Julia (left pumpkin), on the other hand, decided to be a little more daring and go for the patterns labeled "challenging". Mom was next to be done and Julia, who nearly quit because she was so frustrated, finished last. Regardless of the time and effort it took to complete, it was fun to see the finished product. Those carving kits make for some pretty cool end results.