Monday, February 9, 2009

The Unluckiest Golfers

Rick and John flew to Arizona from Minnesota for a big adventure in Tucson, sunny days golfing with Stan in preparation for St. Andrews in Scotland. Today they're understandably confused as to just exactly where they are.
This morning a special event surprised them, and it wasn't Kathleen's waffles: a rare snowstorm hit Tucson and closed all the area links. It looked just like Minnesota everywhere, in fact, the temperature, humidity and dew points were identical to Minnesota's this morning.
Not to worry. Today the forty-something, footloose pair are visiting Tombstone, the Pima Air and Space Museum and the Boneyard. They eschewed the Gem show. Maybe shoot some pool at Pockets near the ballpark. Dinner tonight with Kathleen and Stan at Bub's Grub. Tomorrow the sun returns to make all the snow go. They have noonish tee times near the Phoenix airport and, if their luck turns, they will get in 18 before flying back to Minnesota.