Sunday, May 9, 2010

Date Night!!!!!

Big night at the Dovolos household! Julia had a date with Josh and Stephi went to the Shakopee High School Prom with Joey. Both got all dolled up for the occasion.

Early morning mom treated the girls and 2 of their friends to a mani/pedi at the local nail salon. Its always fun to get pampered once in a while. And those soccer player feet needed it!
After we left the nail salon the girls rushed to shower so they could get to Missy's house so Julia could do their makeup and Stephi could get her hair done. 2 hours later.... we finally made it back home only to have Josh show up minutes later. Needless to say, Julia wasn't even close to being ready. Thank goodness she's a natural beauty. ;-) She changed into her dress, pinned her hair back, brushed her teeth and was out the door in less than 10 minutes.

Stephi, on the other hand, took MUCH longer to get ready. Between the nails, hair, makeup, lotion, shimmer spray, etc... it was an all day affair. It was all worth it though. She looked like a movie star. Joey was in awe when he walked in the door and saw her.

They rushed to meet their friends for group photos and were off for an evening in their "time-machine" party bus, dinner and the dance.

After the dance ended a group came to our house and hung out. They got good use out of that new ping-pong table. The last of them left at 5:15 a.m..... Yes, it says "a.m.". Yet, both girls woke up with a smile at 9:30 and happily went out to brunch for Mother's Day. However, I think we'll ALL be needing a nap later.