Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Year of Saber Soccer Gone By

Another year of Varsity soccer has passed. Its almost painful to think that they will only have one more year left. As we look back on the season there were a couple of noteable moments. Of course, there's the 1-0 win over Holy Angels in overtime(the first win over Holy Angels in Saber history!). Then there's Julia's helicopter spin move after being demolished on the field by a Northfield attacker (its amazing she came out of that unscathed).

Overall, the season was a success over the previous year with a record of 8-8-2. Both Julia and Steph were forced to move into new defense positions due to injury and the coach's lack of confidence in some of the other players. Thanks to Julia playing right defense and Stephi playing left defense, the number of shots on goal was cut in half from the previous year and our goalie was ranked in state for having one of the highest number of shutouts and lowest number of goals allowed.

Their hard work payed off. At the annual banquet Julia received the Riggs Award for her toughness and was named one of the Team Captains for the 2010 season, and Stephi received the All Conference Award.

Hoping for a succesful 2010 season...Go Sabers!