Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas

And some thought we weren't going to get any snow before Christmas... ha, were they wrong!

The storm started Christmas Eve making travel to Lynn's house for the Luhring Christmas a little more adventurous. When we called to tell them we were going to be a little late we were told that all but 4 of the pickle roll-ups were gone. Since those were specifically requested by Julia and Stephi, they were pretty upset. Of course, that was just my family's warped sense of humor... We got there and there was a whole tray of them. We enjoyed time with Michelle's brothers and sister and their families, which is a rare occurrence, and ate way too much. By the time we left, the roads were pretty quiet, but we were thankful we had the Durango and 4 wheel drive to get us home safely.

By Christmas morning we had over 14 back-breaking inches. In good spirits John and our neighbor shoveled everyone's ,which made for a very late start to the day.

Regardless of the weather, all of the family made it safely to our house. We were even fortunate to have Grandma Molkenbur join us this year. The ham was in the slow cooker and the potatoes in the oven. John and Jeff took their usual spots in the garage minding the turkey in the deep fryer and enjoying a cold beer, while MaryAnn and Michelle enjoyed some warm Christmas wine inside. As usual George, Sarah and Tony made it just in time for dinner.

After we all sufficiently stuffed ourselves and enjoyed the gift opening we sent the kids outside to make a snowman. Stephi took control and started rolling, while the rest of them broke out into a big snowball fight. As John was out snapping pictures Tony thought he was going to be funny and chuck a big snow ball at him. John knew he had nowhere to run so he put down the camera, kicked off his slip-on shoes and ran after Tony (in stocking feet) to tackle him in the snowbank! Wish we could have gotten that on video!

It was an enjoyable Christmas, and as we reflect on the past year we are very thankful for the wonderful friends and family that we have.