Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleepless In Seattle

No... Seriously, we really are sleepless! Between the rock hard bed, the arguments outside our bedroom window and the door to the stairway right next to our room slamming every 5 minutes in the morning we managed maybe 4 hours of sleep. As a Platinum Member with Holiday Inn we were told we had the best room in the hotel. No doubt it is very spacious with a separate bedroom, living room and kitchen. Its just a little louder than we expected. We arrived to a very cold, rainy evening Wednesday. It was so cold we could see our breath as we walked out of the airport to get to the rental car. What were we thinking? Didn't we leave Minnesota to escape this kind of weather? We made the best of it and tried to enjoy the 2 hour, bumber to bumper commute 35 miles north to our hotel where we got checked in and asked for a recommendation of a good seafood restaurant... We are, after all, right next to Puget Sound, so you'd think they'd be a dime a dozen here. We ended up going to a place called Arnie's.... not exactly a name you would associate with great seafood. However, we got there and had a great view of Puget Sound. And, regardless of the name, the food and the service was exceptional.

Today we rose to a fabulous breakfast of biscuits and gravy and set off on a drive on the Cascade Mountain Loop. We were flying by the seat of our pants and didn't have much of a travel plan. We spent the day hiking around the Cascade Mountains, which included several waterfalls, more snow than we would have ever imagined still on the mountains in the month of May, and a stop at a quaint town called Leavenworth. Its a Bavarian town about 3 blocks long lined with small specialty shops, wine rooms and bistros.

Considering we have an early morning ahead of us and the fact that we had an exhausting day, we decided to buy a bottle of wine, some cheese and San Francisco sour dough and spent a relaxing evening in our hotel room watching the Wedding Singer (one of Michelle's favorites).

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