Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Last Homecoming Dance!

Ok, so we couldn't have had 2 more opposite styles.  Stephi went totally glam with sequins and rocker heels and Julia was more low key with a down to earth halter dress and cowboy boots.  As unique as each selection was, each girl pulled off their look like runway models.  This is their last homecoming dance and they were going to make it a memorable one.  Neither one had a date (well... technically Stephi did since she asked Rachel to go to homecoming with her through a game of hangman.), but then again, neither did 3/4 of the senior class.  It was more important for them all to enjoy the night with their friends than it was to have a date to worry about.

After the girls' 11 a.m. soccer game we hurried to Eden Praire (remember the 101 bridge is still closed so we had to go the long way around) to find a pair of shoes for Stephi.  We lucked out at the first stop and found some fun, strappy heels at JC Penney.  When we got home, Julia had already showered and was basically ready, which was a good thing because when we got to Rachel's house to finish getting ready she ended up doing makeup for 4 other girls (including Stephi's) and hair for  5th.  While she did help Stephi get the 'tease' in her up-do, Stephi did most of it herself.  However, to mom's frustration, Stephi was the very last to be ready.  As usual, we were running late for the pictures, so we hurried to John Erickson's house where everyone met for a photo opportunity and John's parents served lasagna, salad, garlic bread and dessert for the whole crew of 21. 

The girls headed to the dance, where they had a blast dancing the night away.   Afterwards they came home and left a trail of shoes and clothes to their room as they rushed to change and go to Travis' house for a bonfire and sleepover with about 20 other kids.  A big thanks to Travis' mom, who is a total saint, for staying up all night to make sure the kids behaved and for making them a huge breakfast of eggs, pancakes, muffins, doughnuts and oj before they came home. 

The girls came home completely exhausted, but stayed awake to hang out with their Grandparents for the day since they are leaving for Texas in a couple of weeks.  Thanks girls for being good sports!

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