Sunday, May 8, 2011

Senior Prom!

Its hard to believe that our little girls are all grown up and had their Senior Prom.  Seems like just yesterday when were were doing hair and makeup for dance recitals.

We learned a couple of lessons from this year's activities.... 1) Don't order your dress online and 2) Make an appointment to have your hair done.  Why?  Well, Julia ordered her dress a couple of months ago only to find out the Monday before prom that it wouldn't be shipped until the next week.  So, the dress order was canceled and we made a mad dash for a dress store.  Since the tux and flowers were already ordered we were limited to selecting only one color in dresses...purple.  Luckily, we ended up with a dress that was absolutely STUNNING on her.  Then, the day of prom we went to Fantastic Sams to have their updo's only to find they have 1 person that does them and she was busy doing a color.  So, we drove around town and found a little hole in the wall beauty shop that had immediate openings.  We were a little nervous about it, but it all worked out with minimal issues.  Mom had to make some minor fixes to Stephi's hair.

The girls, as usual, were down to the wire primping and doing their make up until their dates came over.  Stephi's date showed up in a red Mustang convertible.  After a few pictures at the house they hopped in the back and quickly decided that riding with the top down was NOT a good idea.  Pictures at the Lenzmeir's went off without a hitch and they headed to school for the grand march.

After grand march they packed like sardines in their limo bus and headed off to the dance and had the time of their lives.  They were dropped off at the McKenzie home where they spent the night in tents.  Thank God for good weather!

We had two very tired girls come home then next morning.  But, they had a night that they will never forget. 

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  1. hey, I miss your postings on your blog. more personal and private. wonder if you will ever see this.. mom