Wednesday, March 25, 2009

St. Louis Zoo

Today, we went to the St. Louis Zoo but before we went there we enjoyed an amazing breakfast with biscuits and gravy! It was free admittance but we each paid 10 dollars for an all access pass to the Children Zoo, Three 3-D movies, and a Sea Lion show. The Sea Lion show was closed until May but we did go to all three of the 3-D movies. The first movie was called an Animal Adventure and it was kind of disappointing. The movement was blurry and hard to watch. The second movie was the Extreme log ride and it was a "shaky chair ride" as we would say, but the seats moved and we couldn't tell if the kids in front of us were screaming because they were scared or if they were having fun. The next movie, Planet Earth, was very interesting for me, but for Stephanie and my dad not so much. At the end of the movie, I looked at my dad and he was just waking up, Stephanie was still a sleep! My dad said, " Did it get any better?" I said," Which part did you fall asleep in?"

"The part where the mom whale was with the little whale...." (a.k.a the very beginning )...

We did go to the children zoo, which was my favorite part, where we went to the petting zoo :) There was the Wild, The River, The Red Rocks, and the Children Zoo and all of them had some amazing animals. There were elephants, lions, tigers, and my personal favorite... the Kangaroo !! The Zoo closed at 5, so we went back to the hotel and relaxed and watch TV until we got hungry, where we went to the Chinese Express across the street from our hotel. It was good despite the looks of the place. I had 4 plates ! We came back and me and Steph went to the pool and the hot tub. mmmmm :) Then we went back up to the room and just sit and relaxed. It was a pretty great day and we all enjoyed it.

If you would like to see our pictures, go to the Photo Album on the left, click on St. Louis Pictures and check out what we've been doing!


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