Monday, March 16, 2009

St Andrews

We started our trip in St. Andrews. Our first day was exhausting with the flight to Newark and then to Edinburgh, taxi rides and the time difference. Quiet day once we were finally in St. Andrews, several naps and some walking round.
We stayed in a cute little B&B a block from the old course called The Bell Craig House and we were treated like kings by our lovely hostess Hazel. Every morning eating Bangers and Beans for breakfast along with fried eggs and Canadian Bacon. During the stay in St. Andrews I tried haggis, pigeon, deer, pheasant and anchovies.
We started our golf experience at Crail on Tuesday, beautiful course. On Wednesday we we able to golf the Old Course, it was pretty incredible. It was an amazing feeling coming over the bridge on number 18, and having an audience applaud as you approach the green and again once you sank your putt(mine happen to be a birdie). On Thursday we golfed The Jubilee, one of the other seven city courses in St. Andrews, and the only windy day we saw the entire trip. I heard the winds were in the 40's, and we had a 5 minute down pour. After golf, we visited St. Andrews castle, Cathedral and Abbey. And on Friday we golfed Scots Craig.
St. Andrews was a fun college town. We seem meet someone new every night, and always from a different part of Europe.

You can see more of my pictures in the Photo Album section on the left by clicking the "Scotland Pictures"link or read more about the trip by clicking on "Stan's Scotland Blog" and see how a real writer can write .

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