Monday, April 27, 2009

An Artist in the Dovolos Family? Who'd have thought....

Julia enrolled in a 2D-Art class in 2nd semester of school. She only took it because in order to take photography Shakopee High School requires 2D-Art as a pre-requisite. Low and behold, we found out she's done pretty well. So well, that her art was entered into the school's art show. We're not sure where she got her talent from.... it must be from the Grandparents or extended family because it sure isn't from her mom or dad. While mom and dad were visiting the art show today we were fortunate enough that Julia showed up after track practice because she had forgotten her history book. Since she was there we were able to snap a couple of photos of our blooming artist with her work. She is pictured below with her still life, which was her very first project, and her acrylic painting, which she just recently completed.

1 comment:

  1. We are not surprised at Julia's artistic talent.
    Both of her works show a natural (and original) ability that is so important. Also,I love modern art, so like her style. Mike and I remember the wonderful little self portraits she did in, was it
    grade school?
    Sure love the blog.