Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sisters Together Again

A new year of track began again this weekend in River Falls, Wisconsin. Julia returned for her second season while Steph began her first. Steph did not join the team last year because she could not understand why anyone in the world would run just to run.

Steph has been training for the hurdles, while Julia has been continuing her work outs on the shorter individual sprints and the long jump. Coach Kathy changed things up the day before the meet by having Julia and Steph run together on the same squad in the 4 X 200 relay. For you non track speaking people, this means 4 people will each run 200 yards and hand off a baton to the next runner when they finish. One problem, neither of them have trained for a relay.

For the first race of the year, the first race ever for Steph, and their first relay we thought it seemed to go pretty well. Needless to say, no records were broken, and they did not take first but they ran well and did not drop the baton which was a big concern. Both girls were pretty disappointed with their performance, though Steph seem to take it a little worse than Jules. We reassured them it would get better with more practice as the year goes on.

Julia was also added to a squad for a longer 4 X 400 relay. Julia looked the best she has in all of the races I have seen her in. Good strides and pace. The team took first in their heat, and Julia was clocked at 62 seconds by her coach for her 400 yards. This time would beat her 80 seconds she was timed at in the practice one day before the meet, and one of the fastest on the entire team. Julia is questioning the coaches ability to time a race.

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