Monday, July 6, 2009

A Taste of Minnesota

Taste of Minnesota with no Minnesota vendors??? We ate bbq and cheese curds from Wisconsin... I guess St. Paul is close to Wisconsin, but we were expecting something a little more. Poor Jarrod left some of his food in the bottom of the porta-potty after the other boys kept him spinning on the Tornado. This was after they all rode the Gravitron, which spins so fast that you are literally lifted off of the ground. Frankly we're surprised that he was the only one that was sick!
Maya got to experience her first 80's band when we stopped to watch Hairball, dubbed the world's ultimate 80's Rock impersonation act. Obviously not the kids' choice of music. So, John and Michelle stayed to enjoy the music and sent the kids off to explore the rest of the festival.
Later, we all watched Bret Michael's (former lead singer of Poison) Rock of Love Bus Tour sing and then enjoy some fireworks over the Mississippi river. On the way home Maya was so tired she fell asleep in the car... still suffering from some jet lag.

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